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If this is a question that’s been on your mind, no one can answer it better than a licensed realtor. In fact, you’ll likely have a whole plethora of inquiries – it would be pretty tough to find the answers to all of them on your own. Each of our agents have the experience to provide you with accurate, up-to-date information regarding the sale of any sort of property. It’s natural to be nervous or skeptical, so why not have an agent of your choice provide you with a free market analysis? There’s no obligation, it’s all up to you!

When selling a property, your licensed realtor will present you with a least one of these documents (it can be referred to as a “binder” or “offer to purchase form”). It will contain all pertinent information regarding the potential buyer/purchaser of your home. Should the offer detailed on the form not meet your standards, you can simply coordinate with your Ben Bay Realty Co. agent to secure a potentially more ideal sale price. Do keep in mind that any agent you employ is legally required to present all offers made directly to you, no matter what!

This is the moment where all efforts made toward the sale of your property come to their culmination – the closing! At this point, you’ll finalize the necessary closing documents, any other outstanding paperwork, and hand over the keys to your home to the new residents. Furthermore, the remaining funds detailed on the binder/offer to purchase form will be given to you. Does it seem too straightforward and simple to be true? Worry not, for your licensed realtor has addressed any and all concerns, allowing for the process to conclude as easy as it began!