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You’ll know you can trust your licensed realtor if the term “pre-qualification” is referenced. Becoming a pre-qualified buyer means that you’re qualified to afford the property you’ve expressed definite interest in. This also allows your realtor to assure sellers your reputability, present your offer to said sellers, and get you to the finish line. Going about becoming a “pre-qualified buyer” entails checking your credit score, making sure it’s as positive and clean as possible, and assessing your assets – income, extra monetary items, and current debt. This all culminates to the point that you are “pre-approved” for a mortgage, laying the groundwork for your future purchase.

Would you say you’re an educated buyer? Doing your research and learning as much as you can about what you want out of your potential purchase is critical! This helps your licensed realtor narrow down and refine your prospects, getting you the dream home and fits most, if not all, of your requirements. Beginning with a general search, once you have a vague idea of what sort of property you’d like, it’s recommended that you read ads, visit open houses, peruse neighborhoods, subscribe to newsletters/newspapers/magazines, and browse real estate social media accounts, amongst other forms of media, to find define what, exactly, you’re looking for.

Picking a licensed realtor out of the multitude isn’t an easy task, but you can rest easy, knowing that any name under the Ben Bay Realty Co. umbrella is a reputable one. Why? Simply being registered under the NYS Division of Licensing Services isn’t enough – having a grounded, historically successful firm behind an agent is what gets you from “dream home” to “my home”. This is the person, and the firm, that will get you through each arduous and stressful process (yes, including mortgages!), and make you feel like purchasing a home is one of the easiest things you’ve ever done!