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Founded in 1954 and passed on through the Girgenti name, Ben Bay Realty Co. has been servicing the Brooklyn and Staten Island boroughs for over 68 years. With a humble beginning on 13th Ave. in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, Ben Bay Realty Co. has gone above and beyond in the real estate business, opening and maintaining 5 successful branch offices alongside the main office. Ben Bay Realty Co., as a whole, is home to a massive variety of agents, each of whom take pride in their work and the clients they service. Through this veritable plethora of superb agents, clients of a wide range can be serviced and addressed no matter what their requests or needs may be. A testament to the undying passion Ben Bay Realty Co. and its agents have to the business, in terms of both sales and rentals, can be seen simply by the number of homes and apartments successfully sold, purchased, and rented.

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Commercial Spaces

Looking for the perfect place for your business? Take a glance at our inventory – your search may be nearly over! If something catches your eye, reach out to one of our licensed realtors, at any of our seven offices. No matter what sort of space you need, at least one of our agents is guaranteed to find the one that matches your criteria the most!


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Although it may seem as though the task of purchasing a property is daunting and intimidating, the process is actually rather simple - with the help of licensed realtor, of course. Our agents know how to seamlessly guide you through the steps, accounting for as many circumstances as possible and going through preliminary preparations, so that you feel confident in your decisions.

You Should Know The FactsHome Selling ProcessWith Team Ben Bay Realty

Making the decision to sell a property, especially one full of many cherished memories, is a difficult one. If you’re considering this course of action, don’t let yourself be fooled by “popularized real estate websites” and the notion that forgoing a licensed realtor will save you money – every agent affiliated with Ben Bay Realty Co. knows that your time is valuable, and not a single moment would be wasted in getting you the best price for your home.

Why you should join the leading real estate firm in New York

As a licensed realtor affiliated with Ben Bay Realty Co., you’ll have access to an incredible amount of resources, with most of them being offered free of charge. That, coupled with the family-oriented nature of our already existing roster, you’ll be able to find the assistance you need, regardless of what it may pertain to. What we provide includes, but is not limited to, multiple forms of advertising, databases, documents, and funding. There is no desk fee requirement – getting you in the office to work, produce, and succeed, has been our motto since 1954. No matter if you’re a brand new or seasoned agent, we strive to make each and every agent feel confident in their choice of brokerage!
  • We provide you the tools you need to succeed

  • We provide you hot leads

  • Full in house marketing assistance

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